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Join Dr. Jason as he talks about 3 of the biggest lies about ADHD and Sensory Challenges.

Join us to see another of our tiny rock stars get an adjustment and share in the amazing transformation from colicky, gassy baby, with digestive issues to one super happy, smiley baby.

When it comes to complex Sensory Diagnoses, we need to JUST STOP with the cookie cutter treatment plans. Find out what is the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION you must ask when it comes to your child’s health!

Does your baby have REFLUX? Tune in to hear a mom’s powerful story of how her newborn baby’s life changed after adjustments. Gone is the baby with SEVERE Reflux. Present is the HAPPY, CONTENT baby. His body & brain can rest and digest the way they were designed to! No more reflux and spit up! Life’s good for mom & baby.

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