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Life is currently changing at a rapid pace, schedules are turned upside down, and we need our bodies and nervous system working for us, not from the perspective of FEAR. Our immune systems tank when we are stressed out and fearful. We are here to help your nervous system stay healthy so it can best adapt to the additional stresses that we are all experiencing, so we can approach life from a perspective of courage, confidence and surety. Perspective is Power!

Ashley has not only used chiropractic care to aid with most of her pregnancies, she has also given her newborns the gift of Gentle Adjustments to WELCOME her babies INTO life. Baby number 10. Listen to her success.

Pregnancy guarantees 3 types of stressors. Find out what you can do about them. No need to stay in stress mode during this amazing time of life. Find out what you can do about them.

Is your child experiencing poor sleep, poor digestion, anxiety, weak immune system? What is your child’s body trying to tell you? Are you ready to listen? DON’T ignore the CUES!

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