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Is your baby is struggling with the basics? Check out this little rock star’s powerful story and adjustment. Back to Eat, Poop, Sleep, REPEAT!!

Watch Dr. Jason demonstrate a chiropractic adjustment on a child as he discusses the importance of your child receiving routine chiropractic care.
“The purpose of an adjustment, in this practice, is to make that brain and nervous system work better!”

How can chiropractic help a soon to be mom on her journey to a healthy, successful path for PREGNANCY? Listen in as Dr. Jason talks about how chiropractic helps you decrease the stressors that come with pregnancy and be EMPOWERED.

Join Dr. Jason as he shares the story of his son who had signs of Neuro Disconnect as infant (Torticollis and Plagiocephaly), and what he did to help him get back to a fully functioning, healthy toddler. Other indications of Neuro Disconnect are ADD, ADHD, & Sensory Processing Disorder. Find out how to reconnect your child’s Nervous System for growth.

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