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New Practice Members

Welcome to our gorgeous, open and lively practice! Dr. Jason and his wife Elissa dreamed about this space for 10 years before founding Trinity Life Center. It’s beautifully designed with a family-friendly feel that’s inviting to all ages.

The First Visit

We’ll begin by giving you a tour of our office so that you feel right at home. You’ll meet with Dr. Jason in the consultation room to talk about the details of your health history and your goals- we want to know where you want to go on this journey! Together, we’ll map out your challenges and how they’re impacting your life (or your child’s, if the appointment is for them).

We pride ourselves on giving an extremely thorough examination to discover where your body holds stress, misalignments, and tension, then investigate the cause. Objective evaluations are used with the Subluxation Station that identifies, without a doubt, the neurological cause of your symptoms. By pinpointing the source, we can start on creating a blueprint that will help you achieve your specific goals.

This appointment takes 30-45 minutes.


The Second Visit

We’ll schedule you to return as soon as possible. The doctors will have done all their homework by the time you arrive at your next appointment and we’ll have prepared a plan for you to recover your well-being (included as a part of the initial evaluation).

You’ll sit down with one of the doctors, who will lay out, in detail:

  • Exactly what is happening in your body
  • What we can do about it
  • How long it’ll take
  • What costs are involved

When it comes to your health and finances, you don’t want surprises.
We understand and will answer all your questions up front so that you know what we’ll do to help you achieve the life you deserve. Once you decide to move forward with care, we’ll give you your first chiropractic adjustment.

This appointment takes about 20 minutes.


New Patient Special

Come in today and take advantage of our $125 New Practice Member (a $195 value) to see why chiropractic care has changed so many lives in our community.

We’re open late to better accommodate your schedule,
so contact us today to find out more!


An Individualized Approach to Health in Holly Springs

At Trinity Life Center, our plans are individualized to you based on what you need and what you want. We work for you; there are no contracts at our office- we strive to earn your business every time you see us- and you can come in when you want or stop if you wish. Numerous people have gotten incredible results through our programs and realize their life is better with us in it, and we know yours will be too. They move forward with care because they want to continue to feel amazing and function optimally: their energy levels are up, they’re sleeping better and they don’t experience discomfort with regular visits.


The Importance of Education

We hold regular workshops to educate our practice members and community about health:

The Perfect Storm: Sensory challenges such as ADD/ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and autism are more common than ever. We want to equip parents with the latest scientific research and technology that explains how these challenges occur, what happens in the brain and the natural steps you can take to give your child the best chance at living a better life.

The Secrets of Stress Management: Done in the office or at outside locations, we’ll empower your group or organization with the best tools to not only manage stress but to live a healthier life.

Same-day appointments are available! Get the immediate attention you need by contacting us today.

New Practice Members at Trinity Life Center