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Self-Care is NOT Always Sexy

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  saylor_picBye Bye Constipation and Separation Anxiety

     Saylor’s digestive system had shut down and she was constantly constipated. She also struggled with severe separation anxiety and only wanted her mom to hold her.

     Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s normal! Saylor’s mom trusted her mama gut and knew there was a better way and a better future for her baby. When you address the WHY, you actually can begin to heal.

     So many challenges out kiddos are facing are rooted in the nervous system. When the brain and nervous system get overwhelmed by physical, chemical or emotional stress, it shuts down into protective mode. The birth process can twist and tug on the brain stem which is ground zero for the stress response. One of the first things to tank is our digestive system and emotional regulation!

     Our perfectly safe scans found the culprit, and through gentle adjustments Saylor is living her best life! Her digestive system is amazing and she reaches out to everyone on our team for hugs now.


IMG_6792     Before we fully rip off this band aid, have you ever wondered why the self care industry is a multi billion dollar industry? What does that say about us as a society if we are constantly and desperately seeking to recharge our batteries.

     We simply can’t rent a pocket of sanity with an epsom salt bath in an otherwise chaotic life and schedule and call it a sincere attempt at a healthy routine.

     True self care is about aligning your life and schedule with what matters most. It’s about tough conversations about what’s working and what’s not.

                  Watch Video Here

      It’s about getting up earlier to eliminate the lame excuse of not having enough time for yourself.

     It’s about eating foods that nourish your body rather than feed the weakest part of you. It’s about you living the life you were called for rather than being a slave to a To Do list that doesn’t even serve you and your family. You got this, and the challenging reality is that you are the only one who can.             


IMG_6924               MARIANNA !

     For only the second time in TLC, we had our Gift of Health campaign. Oh so many of us know someone or love someone that needs support on their health journey and this is our way of saying “We see you” to all of those people.

     Not only has Marianna shared the Gift of Health with her mom but she has won a

FREE 1-hour massage at

Atma Prema!


     Reminder as an active practice member you always have a referral rate for your loved ones at TLC!

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