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TLC Mom's Are Full of Gratitude



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January Mom’s Time Out : 12 Days of Gratitude


The fruit of happiness and abundance is rooted in gratitude. Gratitude isn’t just about looking back. It’s also being present and visualizing the path forward.

Our TLC Mamas got to set the intention and focus of 2023 towards how to live in gratitude.

Many times on our wellness journey we are seeking answers and remedies, but we must first start with taking the time to appreciate the things we do have!

Each mama took time to make their own gratitude cards. some chose affirmations, others chose to write names of loved ones and others took time to appreciate qualities and strengths within themselves!

As always… We are so humbled to see how only TWO hours in one month could be so impactful to this community!

We are grateful for you all




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