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Does This Sound Familiar?

Woman from behind, looking downRolled out of bed after a night of poor sleep because the brain and body have been stuck in sympathetic Fight or Flight for God only knows how long…

‘I deserve a pick me up to get going.’

Downed your coffee laced with chemical creamers and enough sugar to give the jolt of motivation your brain needs to tackle that Mount Everest of getting yourself and the kids ready.

And don’t forget breakfast.

‘I deserve a little treat with as hard as I work.’

How bout a Pop Tart because you read somewhere that we need more fruit?

After the hour+ of herding cats, the kids are off to another day while you are barely catching up to yours.

Better grab the Venti iced caramel macchiato that would make a milkshake blush.

‘I deserve it after that morning!’

Then we have just enough energy to peel away from a home life that brings stress to a job that brings us no satisfaction.

Nothing like sitting in a cubicle crunching someone else’s numbers for the rest of your life. But it’s alright, you get to work really hard for 51 weeks to get that one week off to vacation…

Time to recharge on my 30 second lunch, but I am getting a salad because THIS IS THE YEAR I’m really making changes!

Granted, the salad has fried chicken, bacon and ranch with a side of sweet tea.

Why am I crashing after eating a salad⁉️
Better grab another coffee or Red Bull.

‘I deserve an energy boost.’

What a day!

You get plenty of time to rehash your morning, work, worry about dinner and life because of rush hour traffic now.


Nothing else matters in life now. My life’s mission is to make sure Captain Lame doesn’t get to MERGE!

What’s for dinner you ask⁉️

I’ve been grinding ALLLLL DAY!

Pizza it is!

‘I deserve a break and who would want to cook and clean anyway⁉️’
Only a few more days until the weekend where I get to go to 23 different practices, games and dance recitals on a Saturday. Was it my turn to bring the snacks⁉️

‘I deserve some Netflix’….right after the hour of helping the kiddos do their homework.
Good thing our bedtime routine only took an hour tonight! Seriously, how long does it take to brush your teeth and how is there toothpaste at the top of the mirror⁉️

Sure, I should go to bed,

but I deserve some ‘ME’ time!

I’ve heard meditation or exercise is a good stress reliever, but maybe staring at my phone for a couple of hours will help calm my brain. I’m too tired to exercise anyway. Maybe tomorrow.

And no need to connect with my spouse either. WE JUST GET EACH OTHER. We don’t need to talk to connect. We can connect by simply sitting in proximity to each other while scrolling through other people’s Facebook and Instagram. They just automatically know I love them, right? We’ll go on a date on our anniversary 4 months from now anyway
How is is 11:30pm already⁉️ As exhausted as I am, I should be able to fall asleep fast, right?

‘I deserve sleep.’

Granted, my day was completely void of nutrition and physical activity, overflowing with stress, and capped off by brain overstimulation on my phone…

Why can’t I sleep⁉️ Why can’t I feel better⁉️ Why can’t I get ahead⁉️

‘I Deserve Better.’


Stress is very real…
BUT stop pretending it’s a MYSTERY.

  • Heath is not a mystery.
  • Our weight is not a mystery.
  • Sleep is not a mystery.
  • Relationships are not a mystery
  • Our thyroids are not mysteries.
  • Success is not a mystery.

Chiropractic adjustments allow the brain and body to better deal and adapt to stressors.
Get adjusted and create a better plan…

Your day and your Life depend on it.

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