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Address the Why, Not just the Symptoms

photo of Dr. Brittany as a childHere’s something you might not know about me…In fact, it is the driving force behind why I am so passionate about serving kids…especially kids that have sensory and spectrum challenges. Whenever I sit down with a parent whose child is struggling, and I listen to their day to day battles, I hear them…I truly hear them…because I’m not just listening as a doctor.

I WAS that child. I WAS that teenager.

I know firsthand what these kids are going through because I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 5.

For over 15 years, this wasn’t just something I dealt with, it defined my life in so many ways.
The lack of focus
The unpredictable emotions
The poor sleep
The lack of connection
The shallow and meaningless encounters
The countless medications that not only diluted my energy…they diluted my creativity and spirit.

ADHD didn’t just define who I was, the medications and frustrations CHANGED who I was. Doctors told my parents, with me sitting right there, that this was all I would ever be, living a life chained to the medication. They spoke like I wasn’t even the room and I didn’t really matter!!

I felt boxed in with no way out.

That all changed when I was 20. I made a lot of life changes at this point in my life, and CHIROPRACTIC was by far the best one. The adjustments allowed me to see and experience life the way it should have been since the beginning. . .

Yes, that still looks like a lot of energy for me…that’s who I am and was created to be, but now I can adapt and be in complete control of the ‘volume’ of my circumstances!

I can now integrate my emotions

I can connect with people on a deeper more intimate level that my parents didn’t think would happen for me.

Oh man, how I love to sleep now!

Now I don’t feel like a zombie boxed or caged in because of the medications that are no longer a part of my life!

What I had been searching for had been locked inside of me all along. I wasn’t missing anything or lacking anything. The most important system of my body, your child’s body…the nervous system…was stuck in fight or flight. The fight or flight spectrum, the sensory spectrum IS the spectrum of spectrum challenges. What forever changed my life was when my brain was given the chance to calm and connect. That is exactly what chiropractic adjustments do! So many treatments before had tried to teach me or force me to cope. Adjustments went straight to the source of what was causing my brain to stay ‘stuck’ in that stressed and disconnected mode.

When we discovered the Why, I finally was able to address the answers and not just the symptoms.

Every child, every teen…every single person deserves that opportunity to live a life of connection. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have…and most importantly, unlock that potential that you’ve always seen in your child.

- Dr. Brittany

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