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A Stronger ME in 2023


The Last Resolution You Will Ever Have to Make 

By Dr Jason 

Here’s two resolutions, and make them your last; discipline and self awareness. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that people who have found success in their fitness, nutrition, finance and marriage were somehow magically born with it. It’s a skill not a trait.

 Skills are forged in the fire of conviction and repetition. Write down what you want, and more importantly, set in stone what non-negotiable daily habits will get you there.

Self awareness will not allow you to remain blissfully unaware of that voice of weakness that has been sabotaging your plans all in the name of you somehow deserving yet another day off from chasing after what you have been pretending to desire every January for decades now. Run daily in the direction of your standards and sprint in the opposite direction from the weak voice that tells you take a cheat day. You are only cheating yourself out of the future you were destined for.

jason croppedYour Beliefs Dictate Your Behavior 

Beliefs dictate our behavior. Behavior doesn’t lie.

If you’ve tried to change someone else’s beliefs you realize what a formidable task that is. When it comes to challenging your own beliefs, you realize the challenge can be next to impossible.

                                                                    Watch Video Here

Celebrating Miracles!

Kasey                   Kasey is crushing it

Kasey’s mother found us through our workshop on Sensory Challenges & Anxiety. After years of struggles with anxiety, focus, meltdowns & unable to even make friends, Kasey and her family were at a dead end.

The purpose of the workshop, & the true heart behind everything we do at TLC is to give kids & parents the resources for healing and the hope to see the journey through. When the brain & nervous system are overwhelmed from birth stress, physical traumas, chemical toxins, & emotional overload, it will predictably kick into the fight or flight spectrum. That’s true for all of us.

The challenge is our babies and kids are getting thrust into that world in unprecedented numbers while the brain and body are barely even beginning to develop! The fight or flight spectrum is the spectrum of spectrum challenges…anxiety, focus issues, emotional struggles, & so much more! Kasey & her brain had been stuck there her whole life. The purpose of the adjustment is to calm & connect the nervous system so the Kasey, her family, and families just like yours live life to the fullest.

Kasey is crushing life right now! She graduated OT, is much calmer, making friends, & focused in school. Kasey’s mom said it best when she shared that her daughter had blossomed into the beautiful girl she was always meant to be.

Believe in miracles.


We do. 


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